BAND | Communicating is easy, and managing is more convenient with the app’s featured functions

BAND 邀請卡內基、南山人壽、家樂福、吃義燉飯,將 BAND 導入組織內部成為新的溝通管理平台,同時委託 MyStory 團隊訪問拍攝各企業主的使用情境與心得見證。                    

The BAND app emphasizes being “designed for groups,” making group communication efficient and seamless, simplifying the organization of large-scale activities such as club preparations, study groups, and themed gatherings. BAND has previously invited four companies, including Dale Carnegie Training, Nan Shan Life Insurance, Carrefour, and Let’s Eat Risotto Specialists, to integrate BAND as a new communication and management platform within their organizations. In collaboration with the MyStory team, interviews and video recordings were conducted to capture the usage scenarios and testimonials of the enterprise owners, further promoting BAND’s reputation in Taiwan and increasing the app’s download count.

Our services include:

Scriptwriting, casting auditions, interview feature, video production, post-production editing/animation-composition, voiceover and music composition.

Brand Promotion