Jota Food Company|Our Camping Diary video series

受宗泰食品之託拍攝宣傳影片,MyStory 團隊多次走訪宗泰於花蓮縣的觀光建物,用四部劇情短片,娓娓道出宗泰的企業歷史、經營理念、食品製作流程與產品特色。                                               

MyStory was commissioned by Jota Food to produce a series of brand image video series. Our team made multiple visits to Jota’s renowned tourist attractions in Hualien County, such as the Amis Millet Cultural Museum, Chihsing Tan Katsuo Museum, Amis Wax Apple Image Museum, and Playful Sweet Potato Farm. In the end, we created a cohesive narrative with four interconnected short films, portraying Jota’s corporate history, business philosophy, food production process, unique features, and commitment to food safety and quality. Additionally, we skillfully captured the breathtaking natural landscapes and cultural scenery through aerial shots and various shots, angles.

Our services include: Planning script, casting auditions, interview feature, video production (including aerial shots and Steadicam shots), post-production editing/animation compositing, voiceover and music composition.


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