Google for Education Taiwan

針對大專院校的教師,在北中南部舉辦研習營,讓 AI 教育深耕在校園中,為青年學子開創更多可能性。                                               

In 2018, Google launched the “Intelligent Taiwan” project, which is the largest and most extensive external project developed by Google Taiwan. The goal of this project is to assist Taiwanese businesses in transformation and enhance their international competitiveness, positioning Taiwan as a strategic hub for artificial intelligence and gradually realizing the “AI-First” vision.

The Intelligent Taiwan project focuses on three main pillars: “Talent,” “Economy,” and “Ecosystem.” In terms of cultivating intelligent talent, Google actively collaborates with the Taiwanese government officials, universities, and corporations to conduct a variety of online and offline training events. These events cover five major fields: AI, digital marketing, content creation, programming, and journalism, aiming to cultivate talent required for the AI era. The goal is to train over 5,000 AI professionals and more than 50,000 digital marketing professionals within one year. Additionally, Google shares its abundant resources with school teachers and professors through teacher workshops, effectively bridging the gap between university and industry. This indirectly benefits students in various universities and allows them to develop practical skills in digital marketing and artificial intelligence before students graduate from university.

Google organizes teacher workshops in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan specifically for university teachers. During these workshops, comprehensive courses on Google AI, Google Digital Academy for digital marketing, YouTube Creator Academy for content creation, and Android Developer Training for programming are provided to the teachers. The aim is to collaborate with teachers in promoting relevant courses and deepening AI education on campuses, creating more possibilities for young students.

Atona has been involved in Google’s digital marketing program since 2013, and the collaboration continued with the promotion of the Intelligent Taiwan online learning program in 2018. The teacher workshops, which took place in the second and fourth quarters of 2018 in the northern, central, and southern regions, successfully concluded with over 1,200 teachers completing the training and obtaining course credits.


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