Arts and Culture | Ministry of Culture, Han-Tang Yuefu (漢唐樂府), Wei Hai-Min Cultural and Educational Foundation (魏海敏文教基金會)
MyStory 團隊用鏡頭完整紀錄漢唐樂府北京故宮演出實況、魏海敏與伶人三部曲、首屆國家文化資產保存獎、首屆重要傳統藝術保存者暨保存團體等藝文活動。                    
【Ministry of Culture】1st National Cultural Heritage Preservation Award
The winners of the first National Cultural Heritage Preservation Awards: The Restoration Project of the Old Tainan Meteorological Observatory (Preservation and Maintenance Award), The Restoration Project of the National Tainan First Senior High School Red House and Hall (formerly Tainan Prefecture Second Senior High School and Lecture Hall) (Preservation and Maintenance Award), Founder Tsai Chi-Jui and Chairman Tsai Chi-Chien of the Pou Chen Group (Preservation Contribution Award), Ms. Chen Guo-Ci (Preservation Contribution Award), and Professor Hong Wen-Hsiung (Special Award from the Committee). MyStory was honored to produce a video documenting these projects. Throughout the two-month filming process, our team traveled across different regions, capturing the historical, cultural, and social significance of these buildings through unique perspectives and compelling imagery. The camera lens led us to experience the strength and beauty of the architecture itself. With the insightful commentary from experts and the intertwining of documentary footage showcasing the restoration process, viewers are able to appreciate the arduous journey undertaken by the workers to restore the buildings to their original glory, overcoming numerous challenges along the way.
【Ministry of Culture】1st Valuable Traditional Arts Preservation Individuals and Groups
The first National Treasure performing arts groups and artists designated by Ministry of Culture were: le chhun oan (梨春園) in the Beiguan music category, Hanyang Beiguan theatrical group (漢陽北管劇團) in the Beiguan drama arts category, Chen Xi-Huang in the Taiwanese puppetry category, Liao Chiung-Chih in the Taiwanese gezaixi opera category, and Yang Xiu-Qing in the Taiwanese ballad (narrative song) category. MyStory was honored to produce a video capturing the vibrant performances and the radiant years of these esteemed artists throughout the two-month filming process. Spanning across different locations such as Taipei, Yilan, and Changhua, the refined and captivating footage showcased the remarkable talent and the rich cultural development in the local communities. During the award ceremony, amid the blessings of the audience, the senior artists and their apprentices performed together, leaving their handprints as a symbol of the continuous and thriving transmission of traditional arts. These handprints represent the seeds that will continue to sprout and grow, ensuring the flourishing of traditional arts.
【HanTang YueFu】Live performance in the Forbidden city
With its cultural philosophy of “Rooted in Tradition, Reinventing Tradition,” HanTang YueFu has successfully revitalized the spirit of Nanying Liyuan music and dance (南音梨園樂舞) by integrating classical and contemporary elements, as well as incorporating both Chinese and international artistic aesthetics. The group has received recognition from prestigious institutions such as the Palace Museum in Beijing and Chinese National Academy of Arts. In 2007 and 2008, HanTang YueFu had the honor of performing the grand productions of “Night Revels of Han Xizai”(韓熙載夜宴圖) and “Rhapsody on the Luo River”(洛神賦) in the Hall of Great Supremacy in the Forbidden City, a symbol of Chinese civilization. Out of recognition for HanTang YueFu’s dedication to the preservation and promotion of Chinese culture, Atona not only provided substantial support but also documented the pre-production preparations, live performances, and behind-the-scenes moments of these historic performances. MyStory team actively contributed to the continuity and development of Nanyin (南音) through this collaborative effort.
Wei Hai-Min Cultural and Educational Foundation】Wei Hai-Min with Opera Actors Trilog
In everyday life, Ms. Wei is pure, approachable, composed, and elegant. On stage, she captivates the audience with her clear and versatile voice and the inner power she possesses. She not only successfully portrays vivid stage characters, showcasing the essence of traditional performances and setting examples for new ones, but also embodies the gracefulness of the Qing-yi (青衣) and the hardship of the journey of the Lao-Sheng(老生). Through her singing, she expresses sincerity, refinement, serenity, and beauty, reflecting her unwavering pursuit of art and her compassion and faith in life. In April 2014, upon the invitation of Shanghai Grand Theatre, Taiwanese Peking Opera artist, Ms. Wei Haimin, and the original cast of GuoGuang Opera Company brought the “Opera Actors Trilogy” to the stage in Shanghai. MyStory team follows her closely, documenting the entire process of rehearsals, performances, and daily life for over ten days, capturing those subtle and touching moments both on and off the stage.