Cathay Holdings|Campus Recruitment video series

MyStory 替國泰金控拍攝且規劃了一系列的校園徵才宣傳短片,跳脫傳統的單向式訊息傳遞,改用詼諧又帶點幽默的劇情來詮釋國泰的徵才消息。

Every year, in order to seize the opportunities during graduation season, companies across the board take advantage of the first quarter to hold campus recruitment events, actively seeking out talented young individuals who are about to graduate. This early recruitment allows companies to secure new talents and inject fresh perspectives and ideas into their organizations.

MyStory collaborated with Cathay Holdings to plan and produce a series of campus recruitment videos. Breaking away from the traditional rigid and one-way communication approach, we adopted a light-hearted, humorous storyline or utilized a heartfelt and realistic documentary style to convey Cathay Holdings’ recruitment messages. The goal was to highlight the company’s emphasis on diverse talents. Through the series of recruitment videos, we generated buzz and spread the messages through social media platforms, attracting the attention and enthusiastic response from the younger generation.

Our services include:

Scriptwriting, casting auditions, interview feature, video production, post-production editing/animation-composition, voiceover and music composition.