Ministry of Transportation and Communication|The Journey of Great Roads – Tracing the Footsteps of Transportation Professionals Across Centuries



記錄台灣 15 位交通人無私奉獻的身影,讓各自在不同單位服務的第一線員工,用他們精彩動人的生命故事,為全體交通人留下歷史見證。                                         

Transportation infrastructure serves as the lifeline of Taiwan’s economy and daily life, symbolizing the starting point of the country’s modernization. As we celebrate the centennial of the Republic of China, the MyStory team has spent a year documenting the selfless dedication of 15 transportation professionals in Taiwan. Through their remarkable stories, we aim not only to showcase the development of Taiwan’s transportation infrastructure but also to let the world witness the pure and optimistic spirit of the Taiwanese people.

The history of Taiwan’s transportation over the past century has been built upon the unwavering commitment and selfless contributions of these transportation professionals. They have served in remote and impoverished areas, or within train carriages, aircraft cabins, or on isolated islands and even in seemingly inaccessible toll stations or airports. In addition to managing daily affairs, they have endured years of solitude and loneliness. However, these transportation professionals have remained steadfast in their careers, considering their work a lifelong mission. They silently serve the public, displaying extraordinary perseverance, a pragmatic attitude, and an admirable sense of duty.

In July of the 100th year of the Republic Era, the long-anticipated documentary and book launch event, “Journey of Great Roads,” officially began. Through the captivating and moving life stories of 15 frontline employees and pioneers from various departments, we have created a historical record and documentation for all transportation professionals. At the same time, we aim to deeply depict the spirit of transportation professionals who fear no difficulties, remain responsible to their duties, and uphold their mission through this documentary.

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