Nippon Paint China|Color, Way of Love – Colorful Hope Elementary School Charity Event

為 100 所希望小學的校園環境著上繽紛的色彩,見證一個個夢想與成長的故事。                                                            

“Color, Way of Love” Project, organized by Nippon Paint China. and participated by DuPont China and other corporations, has reached its 10th year, bringing vibrant colors to over 322 Hope Elementary Schools and benefiting more than 90,000 children in mountainous areas. As a partner, MyStory is responsible for the complete video production process, capturing footage across various locations in China.

“The school is becoming so beautiful,” “In the future, I hope to attend university and repay my parents for their sacrifice,” “My dream is to visit the moon and see it for myself…” Through the innocent and imaginative voices of children, the local cultural heritage, the melodious sound of studying, from mountains, plateaus, basins to coastal areas. MyStory witnesses stories of dreams and growth through visual storytelling, leaving beautiful memories in the minds of everyone, becoming an unforgettable experience.

Launched in 2009 by Nippon Paint and DuPont, the “Color, Way of Love” initiative aims to beautify the campuses of Hope Elementary Schools across different provinces in China. It also includes the establishment of the “Nippon Paint Colorful Hope Construction Fund” in collaboration with the China Youth Development Foundation, dedicated to the continuous construction of “Nippon Paint Hope Elementary Schools” and “Nippon Paint Art Rooms.” Despite the long and challenging journey from cities to remote Hope Elementary Schools, Nippon Paint firmly believes that the smiles on children’s faces are the most beautiful colors in the world.

Nippon Paint has entrusted Atona to participate in the “Color, Way of Love” transnational corporate CSR project, which has been running for nearly a decade and has reached every corner of mainland China.


Our services include:

Since 2009, the MyStory team has been actively involved in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) design and planning, as well as the execution of offline events. In addition to that, we have also taken on the responsibility of documenting the entire event. Our cameras have traveled across various regions of China, capturing the essence of each event.

Every year, we release a series of achievement videos, social media videos, and an annual documentary. Furthermore, we compile these precious moments into a photo portfolio, preserving the stories of our beautiful encounters with the innocent children.