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FinTech 當道,IoT 正改寫產業版圖,人工智慧應用勃發,擁數據為王,企業需要更多科技與資訊人才,想搶搭 IT 浪潮的各路好手,動作要快!                                                     

In response to the digital era, the financial industry is embracing the FinTech trend and expanding the development and application of digital finance. Many companies have opened relevant job positions to attract IT professionals with technical backgrounds. Cathay Holdings also has a high demand for information technology talents. For two consecutive years, Cathay Holdings has entrusted Atona to design and execute a recruitment program targeting specific target groups. The campaign involves strategic promotion, meticulous social media marketing strategies, and video advertising to attract a large number of IT talents to submit their resumes. The qualified applicants are then selected for interviews.

The “IT’s Time Talent Recruitment Program” is a large-scale recruitment initiative jointly launched by Cathay Holdings’ banking and insurance units specifically targeting IT talents. The program’s name implies that it is an excellent opportunity for IT professionals to showcase their skills. Cathay Holdings not only offers competitive salaries and on-the-job training but also takes into consideration the candidates’ anxious mind while waiting for the results. They promptly notify the candidates of the hiring decision on the same day as the interview. This program aims to alleviate the concerns of fresh graduates or career changers who aspire to join the financial information technology industry. By submitting their resumes once and undergoing a screening process, they can receive multiple interview opportunities from various units within a day. If they are successfully hired, they will receive the employment offer on the same day, providing IT professionals with a reassuring and secure experience.

Since 2017, Atona has been involved in Cathay’s “IT’s Time Talent Recruitment Program” for two consecutive years, helping across multiple units to successfully recruit nearly 150 IT professionals.


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針對 IT 族群屬性,以及客戶徵求 IT 人員遇到的痛點,從前期徵才計畫發想、線上廣告投放、實體宣傳、招募網站架設與管理、到最終面試會活動設計規畫及執行,提供一條龍式完整服務。



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