ATCC, national business case competition

ATCC 旨在促成學生與企業雙向產學交流,為年輕世代搭建一個全國性舞台,讓有想法、敢創新的大學生盡情揮灑青春!                                         

Atona has successfully organized the ATCC National Business Case Competition for twenty consecutive years. Through this event, we have established connections with hundreds of well-known companies and invited over a hundred multinational or local renowned brands and startups to provide real-life business cases. The competition has attracted participation from over 140 colleges and universities nationwide, with more than 30,000 students registering to compete. The students are encouraged to propose innovative solutions to the challenges presented by partnered companies.

Our goal with ATCC is to facilitate greater interaction and exchange between businesses and college students in areas such as brand positioning, corporate social responsibility, talent cultivation, and creative recruitment. By engaging in practical discussions and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we aim to create sustainable value that benefits both parties and promotes mutual growth.


Mission & Vision:Creative Communication, Intelligent Inheritance, Value Co-creation

To enable students to showcase their talents and gain recognition from corporations, while providing opportunities for companies to promote their brands on campus, collect innovative ideas, and offer practical training and internship opportunities. Atona not only organizes the ATCC every year but also plans to establish a communication platform. This platform will integrate the talent pool, accumulated participants and influence from previous ATCC by gathering creative ideas, practical experiences, and works of talent. In the foreseeable future, we will also introduce cross-disciplinary industry educator resources, becoming a medium for students’ job search and companies’ talent recruitment. Through this platform, students can access training opportunities and obtain professional certifications, while companies can recruit talented individuals who are well-suited to their needs.

Benefits of ATCC:

1. The proposal can be adopted by the corporation and attract talent for the corporation.

All students participating in ATCC devote their efforts to produce their proposals during the competition. With respect to the creators’ rights, these proposals can serve as valuable references for companies during the actual implementation of projects.


2. Create younger generation ecosystem

ATCC has always placed great importance on maintaining relationships between corporations and students. In addition to the voluntary sharing of experiences by ATCC alumni from various schools, we frequently invite outstanding ATCC alumni from previous years to participate in campus orientations, guide projects, and share their industry work experiences during and outside of ATCC. Through the exchange and sharing among alumni from different years, not only do competition and practical experiences get passed on, but it also gradually forms an exclusive and prestigious network of high-caliber talents (companies are welcome to participate in ATCC to extend and establish their own brand ecosystem). ATCC is delighted to see the interaction between corporations and this young generation of cross-disciplinary, proactive, execution-driven, and diverse thinkers (not limited to current students, but also including fresh graduates entering the workforce).


3. Deepening campus engagement and expanding brand extension value.

All competition topics in ATCC are real cases faced by companies, and they are designed and formulated by the companies themselves within the allowed scope of disclosure. With guidance from supervising colleagues and the allocation of company resources, students have the opportunity to fully unleash their creativity. They start by planning offline events and managing social media to promote the company’s brand. The project results of students are directly evaluated and selected by corporation executives. As the ATCC spans over half a year, from campus orientations to the finals, it garners widespread attention from students and creates a buzz across social media platforms. During this period, the company’s brand and topics often become the most frequently discussed and debated among participating students from various schools nationwide and their peers.


4. Not only a competition, it surpasses the traditional one-way operation of public relations in terms of brand exposure and promotion.

Compared to other business case competitions, ATCC places greater emphasis on “deep communication and interaction” and “online to offline practices” between industry and university in its event planning and design. The students, through integrating the power of online and offline communities, effectively promote the brand and precisely reach their target audience. Additionally, under the competitive selection and guidance from the companies involved, students continuously adjust and refine their proposals to meet the specific needs of the companies, showcasing feasible ideas and tangible achievements to win their favor. The sincere and direct communication between industry and university deepens the companies’ insight into the younger generation, overturns students’ stereotypical impressions of corporations, and even enhances the companies’ positive image among the youth, all achieved through this two-way, close-knit interaction.


5. Functional videos have shown significant benefits in brand image dissemination

ATCC includes a wide range of activities, from negotiating partnerships, conducting CEO interviews, organizing campus orientation, assisting students in forming teams, managing registration, hosting opening forums and case sharing sessions by partners, facilitating practical workshops, organizing the ATCC Camp, conducting preliminary and semifinal rounds, students executing their proposals, and host the final and award ceremony. Each stage of the competition is like an exciting reality show.

During the event planning and throughout the competition, the MyStory production team captures every captivating moment and creates functional short videos based on the requests of the participating corporations. These videos are edited on the spot and immediately released on ATCC social media platform to achieve maximum content dissemination. They generate enthusiastic discussions among students on campus and within the young generation. By leveraging social media platforms for content dissemination and creating buzz, these videos not only promote the brand image but also faithfully record the sincere interactions and heartfelt moments between students and partners. They leave behind beautiful memories and serve as testimony to the dedicated efforts of both parties, indirectly showcasing the corporate culture to the public.