Graphic design projects


In addition to providing photography and videography services, Atona has also undertaken the conceptualization and production of various design materials such as books, corporate identities, exhibition booth designs, business cards design, greeting cards design, and event signage. By deeply understanding the client’s needs and brand culture, and engaging in iterative discussions to confirm the specifications of the design materials, we meticulously oversee every aspect of the production process to ensure that the final deliverables meet and even exceed the client’s expectations.

We are honored to have produced the commemorative album for CECI, and alongside it, proposed social media dissemination strategies, event planning and design. This project has brought together all employees of CECI, regardless of seniority, to actively participate in the annual event that recognizes exemplary employees, promotes the spirit of engineering professionals, shares proud achievements, and inspires the younger generation to pursue excellence. They willingly contribute their stories and narratives of senior mentors, striving to pass on the corporate culture of both China Engineering Consultants and CECI. Together, we aim to strengthen the corporate brand, share valuable experiences, convey touching stories, and establish benchmarks in the engineering field, collectively contributing to the growth and success of the company.

Our services include:

Interview feature, photography, specialized book editing, design, production and publishing, venue design, corporate identity, event curation, and event planning and execution for achievement ceremony




Corporate identity